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  Once the grant has been approved, the funder will be interested in receiving feedback on your performance, progress, outcomes and budget management. The table linked below reflects an overview (not exhaustive) of the kinds of reports required for grants from various entities. Additionally, there are links to a detailed overview of what each section […]

Health Promotion: Prevention of DiseaseHealth Promotion: Prevention of Disease

  Discussion: Healthy aging is an important public health issue, both nationally and internationally. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes healthy aging as a process whereby all people of all ages are able to live a healthy, safe and socially inclusive lifestyle.   Discuss how social determinants of health for the older adult are impacted for […]


  Congratulations! Your hard work on the application paid off and you have received a grant for the tutoring program! The program is off to a great start and now you will need to begin the reporting. Grants involve reports and every grant has its own unique reporting requirements. This allows the funders to see […]


Please reflect briefly on the healthcare policy and political topics that most impact you:   Reflect on topics they have covered over the last 15 weeks  Discuss healthcare policy and politics  Discuss the impact of mentors during the course  Rationale must be provided 400 words in your post by Wednesday 12/14/22  Minimum of two scholarly […]

outpatient settingoutpatient setting

  For this assignment, choose three outpatient settings from the list below: Private practice clinic Urgent care center Mobile medical unit Home health care Ambulatory long-term care service Public health service Community health center Free clinic Then, create a presentation (12-15 slides) that considers the current health care trends (economic, social, and technological) in the […]

Psychology Assignment psychologyPsychology Assignment psychology

Pick 5. Tell me what it is and WHY important 4 Teratogenic principles / twin-adoption studies / evolutionary psychology / psychoanalytic theory / epigenetics / cortis Pick 5. Tell me what it is and WHY important emerging adulthood / adult attachment styles / evocative forces and parenting / Kohlberg’s theory of moral development / Murstein’s […]

create a training out linecreate a training out line

I want a training outline like the example I uploaded.  the company name is, Equipment Concentration Site #86  ECS#86, at the top also have the American flag in the design.  this training outline has multiple uses like conducting forklift training, shop safety, and many other training we conduct on-site the workday starts at 7:30 am […]

python business casepython business case

Now it’s time to answer your business question: Does price positively effect customer satisfaction? Analysis Requirements (Jupyter Notebook) Introduce the problem and define key terms 5-10 sentences At least one credible source for each key term defined Answer the business question 5-10 sentences Make sure your results are statistically significant Provide your top two actionable […]