1.  In a separate document, work on the interpretation for the 10 abbreviations (left blue column, last page of the document).   Note:  Just present the part of the document assigned. For this assignment, just the 10 abbreviations selected in blue color.  This information is part of the content for the class. 

PsychologyPsychology watch the video In at least 2 paragraphs, respond to the following: 1. Define synesthesia (in your own words) 2. Have you ever had a synesthetic experience? If so, describe what it was like.  3. How can understanding synesthesia give us a greater understanding of the brain in whole? 4. In what ways may […]

Cultural IdentityCultural Identity

Cultural Self-Analysis – Create a PowerPoint (or similar project using a web-based platform)describing your cultural identity and its impact on your life and interactions with others in terms of the following questions. Please be sure to explicitly address all of the questions in each section. The PowerPoint/Project should flow as a narrative story rather than […]

Social Science – Sociology Mid Project AssignmentSocial Science – Sociology Mid Project Assignment

 Select a term or concept that is frequently used in the literature in the field of cross-cultural education/counseling. Conduct an exhaustive literature search of the definition and use of the term. Students have the freedom to format the definition in a style that best suits their background, expertise, and interests however they must provide information […]