How to Write My Lab Report

Are you taking any classes that involve going into a laboratory for experiments and hands-on training? You probably want to know ‘how to write my lab report’. You will be required to write this academic paper after every laboratory session. How do you do it? What options do you have?

The Main Parts

A lab report is basically a summary of the activities undertaken during a laboratory session. More information also needs to be provided from additional reading. The main parts a lab report must include are:

  1. Title – On this page, give the title of the experiment, your personal details and mention any lab partners you worked with.
  2. Abstract – This is a short summary of the experiment showing its significance and summarizing the findings.
  3. Introduction – Highlight the problem the experiment aims at resolving and write down the hypothesis.
  4. Materials – List down all materials and equipment used in the experiment.
  5. Method – Use past tense to describe how the experiment was carried out, step-by-step.
  6. Results – Outline the data obtained during the experiment. Tables, graphs and charts may be used.
  7. Discussion – Here, discuss the significance of the results obtained. What do they mean and how do they relate to existing theory on the topic. You should mention any shortcomings of the experiment.
  8. Conclusion – This is a summary of the experiment showing the conclusions obtained.
  9. References – List all reference material used to come up with the lab report paper.

Can Someone Else Write My Lab Report?

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