How to Write the Dissertation Introduction Chapter of Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be challenging. Many students don’t know where to begin, which is why they often seek help with their dissertation introduction. Regardless of the type of dissertation they’re working on, getting started is often the most difficult part. In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed look at how to write a dissertation introduction.

What is a Dissertation Introduction?

The dissertation introduction is the first main chapter that comes after the table of contents. Its purpose is to justify the dissertation, outline its aim, and explain the scope of the study. It provides background information to show the need for the study and clearly states the objectives that the researcher hopes to achieve in the dissertation.

Sections in the Dissertation Introduction Chapter

Problem Statement

In this section, the problem is identified and explained. The researcher explains why their paper will be important in solving it. Background information about the topic is provided, and the chosen title is placed in context. Citations to authoritative materials that support the researcher’s perspective are included.

Defining Scope and Focus

In this section, the researcher outlines the scope of the study. They choose the geographical area, time period, age group, or theme that the paper will cover. Additionally, they define the focus of the study.

Relevance of the Study or Justification

This section explains how the findings in the dissertation will add to the knowledge base of the researcher’s field of study. It also explains how the results can be used to make future decisions. The researcher demonstrates the importance of the study in this section.

Research Questions and Objectives

In this section, the researcher states the research questions and objectives in short, simple statements.


The researcher lists any limitations or challenges they anticipate during their research. These may include time constraints or limited access to data.

Structural Overview

In this section, the researcher provides an outline of the dissertation. They briefly summarize the contents of each chapter and explain how they all relate to one another.

Seek Dissertation Introduction Help

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