Standing Out with Your Personal Statement: How to Write a Statement that Makes an Impact

When you apply for college or university admissions, it is common to be requested to submit a personal statement. This is a piece of writing that describes you as a person. You need to include details about your personal life, academics, professional qualifications, interests and goals. The big question is, ‘how to write a personal statement?’ Here are some tips you will find useful.


Write your personal statement in proper grammar

Simple errors in grammar and punctuation are off-putting especially in the eyes of schools looking for the best students. If you struggle with good writing, consider getting help from professional personal statement writers at MastersEssayWriters.

Make yourself stand out

Point out the strengths that make you stand out. Use examples to convince the reader that you are the most suitable candidate for the position.

Be Concise

Most requests for personal statements come with word count requirements pegged on them. Adhere to the requirements by being very concise. Avoid repetitive words or filling the essay with words that do not add value.

Be Original

You may have to write a personal statement for several college applications. Write an original piece for each without recycling old ones.


Include false information in your personal statement

Never lie in your personal statement. Lying may land you in trouble when the lie is exposed during subsequent admission processes.

Talk about other things

Write my personal statement is about one things, ‘me.’ Do not waste time writing about other things like famous quotes, other peoples’ contributions in your life, etc.

Address your weaknesses

It is true that everyone has weaknesses but a personal statement is not the place to expose yours. Focus on your positives and highlight them.

Can I get Help Writing My Personal Statement?

Yes! There are professional writing services that will gladly help you create the perfect personal statement. For instance, the writers at MastersEssayWriters know the ins and outs of personal statement writing. All they need from you is information about yourself and they will craft a great personal statement that will get you into that college you’ve always wanted to be part of.