The Top 4 Types of Dissertation Research Explained

A dissertation is arguably one of the most important academic papers that you will need to write throughout your entire educational career. In fact, most students wonder “who will write my dissertation?“ This is because a dissertation is typically the final project that you will complete in order to earn your doctorate degree.

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Empirical Dissertation

An empirical dissertation is one that requires you to collect data, either through interviews, questionnaires, by conducting experiments or surveys. It is dissertation for science-based courses, such as natural sciences and social sciences. In order to write a good empirical dissertation, you will need to have strong research and data analysis skills. To get dissertation writing help, simply provide the data you have and relax as a professional writer handles the writing.


A non-empirical dissertation is one that does not require you to collect data. This type of dissertation is mostly for arts-based courses, such as English literature or history. To craft an outstanding non-empirical dissertation, you will need to have strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

Theoretical Dissertation

A theoretical dissertation is one that provides a critical analysis of a concept or theory. It is a dissertation for courses in the humanities, such as philosophy or theology. An excellent theoretical dissertation demands meticulous analytical and research skills.

Mixed-Methods Dissertation

A mixed-methods dissertation employs both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. It is mainly for interdisciplinary courses like business and education. Skills that you will need to write a good mixed-methods dissertation include not only research and data analysis skills, but also excellent writing skills.

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